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Passenger Side Floorboard Wet

My mechanic checked the a/c hose and said it was clear. I have markedly wet floorboard in middle of passenger side carpet. My car is garaged and it was doing this before the rainy season. There is no visible leakage from door or convertible top, nor is carpet wet under dash.

Please Tell Us The Model-Year Of This Sebring Convertible. Sometimes It Makes A Difference When Seeking An Answer To A Car Question Of This Nature.


2005 thanks

2005 GTC

Sister Morgan, You’re Welcome. It Looks Like The Model-Year Is Significant In This Instance.

You mechanic did the right thing checking the A/C drain tube for obstructions. However I’m pretty certain that he / she didn’t know that some 2004 - 2006 Sebrings, including convertibles have had a problem with the design of these drain tubes and water leaking onto the passenger’s side floor, so cleaning the drain may not be enough.

You or your mechanic should obtain a copy of Chrysler’s TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) #24-018-05 (Heating & A/C group), dated 09/24/05. Some nice service or parts person at a Chrysler dealer should help you with this, I would hope.

These (TSBs) bulletins are issued to help Chrysler’s technicians (mechanics) locate and correct common problems that are discovered to be common on certain makes / models, and model-years.

The TSB outlines a very detailed procedure for installing a drain tube adapter and and revised drain tube. It gives part numbers for the new parts which will be available (or can be ordered) right at the dealer who helps you with the TSB.

As part of the installation there is a little modification, outlined in the bulletin that needs to be done to the underdash “silencer” pad and instructions for using RTV sealer to complete the job.

More of the instructions discuss water removal from the dash panel and carpeting to prevent odor from developing.

Actually, this whole operation can be performed by a Chrysler dealer if you’d prefer. They can also give you an estimated cost for repairs. I hope this helps.


2005 Chrysler Sebring GTC Convertible.