Chrysler Sebring 2004 AC


Can condensate from the evaporator leak into the interior of the vehicle?

This is the 3rd summer I have water collecting in the floor pan on the passenger side of the vehicle. In winter it is dry. I’ve had the vehicle to the body shop twice and they have not been able to determine the source of the water.

Neither I nor my wife have left windows opened in a rain storm or spilled liquids in the car to our best recollection.


It is indeed possible for AC condensate to wet the floor, and this problem is rather common in all vehicles. The cause is a clogged drain in the AC ductwork, creating an accumulation of water and a spill. The solution is to unclog the drainpipe. You can try poking it clear yourself if you can find the outlet, a short open rubber hose extending through the bulkhead.

BTW, it is simply incredible that a professional would not recognize this symptom.


A quick way to clean out the drain tube is to blow compressed air into it.


“A quick way to clean out the drain tube is to blow compressed air into it” Yes, but make sure all the water has drained out first, or you’ll splatter it all over the place in the passenger compartment. I’d carefully poke a coathanger up it first.


As others have suggested, the HVAC drain tube is the most likely culprit. I prefer the straightened coat hanger method to the compressed air method. Prepare to have dirty water drain onto your hand and arm as you insert the coat hanger.

The drain tube is located on the firewall (rear of the engine compartment) low on the passenger side. You’ll probably have to raise the vehicle to reach it. DO NOT crawl under the vehicle unless it is supported by jack stands or ramps.


I just posted this same problem with my 2006 Sebring. I should have searched the topic prior to my posting. The Chysler dealer charged me an arm and leg to replace all of the door seals on the car to correct the problem. I told them that I was sure the problem was connected to the AC, but they knew better. $400 (including rental cars) later and the problem is still not fixed. I will try the coat hanger method you suggested. Thanks