Chrysler Sebring 2009, water accumulate on passenger (lefthand) side floor

Hi All,

I have a 2009 Chrysler Sebring 2.7 auto and I notice that the water disappears from the reservoir and ends up on the passenger side floor.
Left-hand side since this is a right hand drive car here in South Africa.
I have read some posts that this got something to do with the AC, but I do not use AC since it was winter here.
Not a minor leak and carpet have sweet smell which I guess it is anti-freeze.
Any help will be appreciated.


It’s Likely That The Heater Core Is Leaking. The Heater Core Is A Small “Radiator” (Heat Exchanger) That Has Engine Coolant/Anti-Freeze Circulating Through It To Provide Heat To The Passenger Compartment. It Is Located Under The Instrument Panel.

It’s A Pretty Big Job To Remove And Replace A Heater Core. On This Particular Make/Model, I’m Seeing Labor Times In The 4 To 5-1/2 Hour Range, Once A New Core Is Obtained.


I have read some posts that this got something to do with the AC,…

It does relate to the air conditioner because the heater core is housed in the HVAC (Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning) housing.

In fact, had you indicated that the liquid was plain water and had not found the coolant level dropping in the reservoir, I would have advised the water was probably coming from this same housing. Sometimes the drain tube that channels the water (which is removed from the air in the vehicle), to the outside, plugs up and spills water to the interior floor.