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2006 Sebring Convertible Leak

The back seat passenger footwell fills up with water when I run the air conditioner. I am positive that the water is from the AC, and it is particulary bad when it is a hot humid day. It can accumulate several gallons of water in a day. The dealer was no help. Any suggestions welcome.

We get this kind of question almost daily now that a/c season has arrived. You have a clogged condensate drain. Under the hood, look for a small plastic or rubber tube sticking out of the firewall on the passenger side. Maybe you’ll be lucky and there will be a slow drip to show you that you’ve located the right part. Use a piece of string trimmer cord to probe up into the opening. Hopefully, a quick poke will get you a gush of water. Also clean out any debris in the cowl area near the windshield wipers.

Thank you.