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Scratches on car

Hello, my car has some scratches. Can anyone tell me how to fix them? Or at least make it seem like it’s not there?


There’s a small dent here as well

If you have full coverage insurance just call your agent , pay the deductible and have it fixed properly. Those are not do it yourself repair type of scratches.

Is it possible to spray paint over it? Or is it another DIY fix as well?

The white marks can easily be removed with buffing compound and a towel, it won’t look so bad after that is cleaned off.

Can you recommend to me some buffing compound? I am a new car owner and doesn’t understand much about these.

Can you recommend to me the buffing compound please? I am a new car owner and these kind of things really stump me.

Not if the marks are the primer and it looks to me that it is.

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Any auto parts store will have buffing compound. If you don’t see it after a minute, just ask. Dab some on a clean, soft cloth and rub along the scratches, sort of “with the grain.” It may take some time and effort but I think you’ll be surprised by the results. If it doesn’t turn out well, go to a body shop.

You don’t need a special product for this, use whatever your local auto supply store has available, rubbing compound or scratch remover;

No amount of buffing will bring back the paint that no longer on the vehicle. This is going to require body shop to fix correctly. The fender looks dented at as well. This is more than a simple scratch.

I can’t tell if the marks are due to the paint being scraped off your car, or paint from the other car got transferred to your car. In my experience, at least when it happens during inconsiderate parking lot maneuvers, it is usually the latter. If that’s the case what I do is wash away any dirt, grime, and dust, dry, then apply a dab of car wax to the area, like the standard easy-on/easy-off Turtle Wax product. Then I buff the mark off by hand with a clean, soft cotton cloth. A terry-cloth towel seems to be just the ticket. The car wax somehow seems to help remove the paint marks.

Try calling a paintless dent repair place, they have done amazing stuff for $100 or so for me. They will give you an estimate. Might not end up perfect, but so good a regular passer by will not notice.

I’ve used colored stain shoe polish to cover light scratches seems to work well and doesn’t rub off easily.

I would try Meguiars Cleaner Wax. It will remove light scratches and scuff marks without damaging the clearcoat. From the pictures it looks like a visit to body shop is needed for a proper repair.

To me, those aren’t paint transfer from another car

The paint is gouged, down to the primer

And the sheet metal is creased, as well