Paint Scratch "Repair" Repair?

Hi CarTalk Community,

First time poster, long time reader. A few months ago, I made the foolish mistake of trusting a rando in a parking lot who said he could fix the dents and scratches in my car for $140. His work took out the dents, but the white junk he used to try to fix the paint did NOT come off in the car wash as he promised. He’s blocked my number so I can’t get in touch with him to find out how to get this white stuff off of my car, let alone what it even is. Any ideas? I went to AutoZone and they told me to look on YouTube :roll_eyes: I’ve tried Goo Gone, tooth paste, and nothing changes it. I want to use something more heavy duty, but I don’t want to scratch the paint. Any advice would be much appreciated. The image you’re looking at is right above the wheel well.

It’s really hard to tell in the photo, but it almost looks like the paint has been sanded/polished through to the primer.

Find an auto parts parts store that sells automotive paint supplies, and purchase a quart of Prep-Sol, and see if that removes it.


That looks like body filler and primer, if you strip it off you may find bare metal underneath. Looks like you need body work now, take it to a body shop for a repair estimate.

Try this and see if the shine comes back.You need to clean the area with a wax and grease remover first before you try the Ultimate compound.Captureultimatecompound

Please post back if you have any success.

Based on the circular pattern to the white stuff, I’m guessing your idiot rando tried buffing the scratches out and instead ended up making the mother of all burn/swirl marks.

Like the others said, you’re going to want a real body shop to address this.