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White paint marks on car

My mother, being impatient, accidentally went through our gates before it had a chance to open. It hit the side of the car and left these white scratch marks. What is the best way for me to repair this? There are no dents on the car.

All I can suggest is get a tube of Scratch Doctor.

If this doesn’t remove paint marks, then it’s off to the body shop to remove them.


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I have used paintless dent repair places that were excellent at buffing stuff out, including a scrape on a headlight lens.

I have had that happen a lot and it is usually something rubbed onto the finish, not off the finish. I suggest at least trying to buff it out yourself. Take it to a place like AutoZone and let them suggest the right products. You can probably do it by hand with a Meguiars kit and some polishing compound. It will be way cheaper if you can do it yourself compared with taking it to a shop.

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Looks like actual scratches in the clear coat but I would just use a buffer and rubbing compound to polish them out. About 15 minutes with a power drill buffing wheel.

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I can’t tell from the image but I agree with Bing and the others above that suggest compounding it first (like an abrasive wax followed by a buff). My addition to the chat is that I have seen that on my car a family members cars many times and I have often found what I thought were scratches were the paint from the other car deposited upon mine. Thus, the compound worked by removing that paint. Good luck! If worst comes to worst, a local show will do a fix on that you will not even be able to see.

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