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Scratched up my car bad, suggestions?

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If you have full coverage insurance just pay the deductible and have repaired .


Better get Maaco!


I’d probably use some rubbing compound to get as much of the markings off, then once I’d done that I’d review the situation before deciding what to do next. Hard to tell from the angle and lighting of the photo, but it appears there are some dents too, right? If so, do you plan on fixing those or living with them?

I recently “fixed” a rusted spot on my truck’s lower fender by wire-brushing and sanding off all the rust, then painting the area with a can of spray paint. No masking, just did it by free- hand the best I could. The places that got over sprayed a little, I just wiped that paint off with a paper towel before it dried. After the paint dried (took about a week), I used rubbing compound to blend it in better, then a little wax over the top. Looking at the area up close you can see it isn’t matching the rest of the fender in either color or texture exactly, but from a distance of 6+ feet it looks pretty good.

If you wanted to try something similar on your car, probably better to use a tin of matching paint rather than spray paint, and just paint it over the scratch lines with an artist’s pencil-tip paint brush. If you can only find matching paint in a spray can, no problem, just spray some of it into a plastic lid and dip your paint brush into the paint. Then follow up with some rubbing compound, maybe another coat of paint, more rubbing compound, some finer rubbing compound (usually called polishing compound), then a coat of wax.

@cdaquila Did the silly system flag the guy by mistake ?

Thanks guys! Going to try repair myself!

If you are not experienced in body work, this won’t turn out well. If it were mine I’d search far and wide for a replacement door in the same color to avoid painting expense. When you see the cost of a door, or a repair estimate, you may turn in a claim.
One saving grace, if you use rattle can paint, is that lacquer thinner will remove the new paint but not the old. Spray away. If you dont’t like it, wipe it off.

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