Best way to fix these paint scratches and dings Toyota Corolla (Pics included)

So long time lurker first time poster. Was wondering what the best way to fix the dings on my white 2010 Toyota Corolla. see pics

The paint is chipped/scratched in a couple of places. There is a black material showing through. I am not sure if this is the undercoat, the primer or the car body. The scratches do not seem too deep… I cannot get my fingernail to grab onto them…

I am more concerned about rust than perfect appearance. Gonna keep this car till it dies :slight_smile:

Can these be fixed with paintscratch or drcolorchip? or any other DIY route?

Thank you for your time

Go to the dealer and get a bottle of touch up paint. It’ll be like a fingernail polish bottle with a brush in it. Remove any loose chips, then just carefully fill in the area with the paint trying to stay withing the edges. You may need several applications to equal the same paint thickness. Now if you want, you can use 2000 grit sandpaper over the touched up part with water to smooth it all out, then you’ll have to use rubbing compound to polish the scratches from the 2000 grit paper. That’s the best and easiest way and you won’t see the damage especially on white. If you need to, like me, use a pair of magnifying glasses to better see what you are doing and a strong light.

Isn’t that part plastic?

Yeah, the bumper is plastic

The black stuff is the actual bumper underneath the paint

It will not rust, the bumper cover is plastic. But it will peel since it has lifted edges. If you do not care about looks then remove the loose edges of the paint and take clear fingernail polish and cover the area so it does not grow.

I would try first removing any loose paint and then clean the area with fingernail polish remover.

Then take a can of this,, spray it onto a small brush and apply it to the scratch.