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My 2006 Scion XA has a broken pipe that is attached to the muffler. Any ideas about price to fix it and how long can I drive it before it gets dangerous?

What pipe? Towards the front or back? Take a picture of it and post it so we can tell what you’re talking about.

Or at least describe it in more detail. There’s a good chance the broken pipe has already created a dangerous condition regarding carbon monoxide. In other words if it’s broken it’s dangerous now although the level of danger might depend on exactly where the break is.

Hey Rezgirl - I had this problem and I’ve seen others who have had this problem. It’s called the mid-pipe (the pipe that goes into the muffler), and it typically rusts through at the flange where it attaches to the muffler. Is it completely broken off? If so it’s probably making a lot of noise, and in that case you can take it to a custom exhaust place and they can weld in a new section of pipe for a couple hundred dollars, or you can replace the midpipe and muffler for a few hundred more dollars. Ebay has these exhausts for less than 200, and a shop can put it on for another 100-200. Make sure you get a “cat-back” exhaust though, that will include the mid-pipe and the muffler.

(this is all assuming that your problem is the flange between the midpipe and the muffler)

Good luck!

I missed the second half of your question: The biggest danger is carbon monoxide (like was said above), but if the exhaust break is where I think it is, you won’t be in any real danger from that. However if you live in a state that requires a state inspection, your car probably won’t get a sticker if you have a broken exhaust.

Which pipe?