Toyota Corolla 2001 exhaust pipe broken

Hello everyone,

Not going to lie, I’m pretty noobie when it comes to cars. Recently, I got my girlfriend to buy her first car, a Toyota Corolla 2001 with 92’000km for the price of 1400$. It seem a pretty good deal since it was own by a old man not really using it and always keeping it clean. Everything looked fine exept some rust under the car.

Although, last week it started to make a loud sound coming from under in the middle (approximately where the exhaust pipe is). What had to happen happened, the exhaust pipe broke on the highway. I am not really able to provide the name of the part from where it broke but it is in the middle just after a bigger “pipe” (will post a video and photo).

I am asking your help to give me some tips and to not get scam when I will go to the mechanic.

What are my options here? Change whole pipe? Weld a small piece of pipe? I would like an estimate of what it would cost…

I hope I will be able to help my girlfriend with your tips and suggestions

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Just visit a couple of muffler shops and get estimates. If the pipes are bad you might need mufflers also.

I hope you have some wire to hold it up. Don’t drive it like that.

The vehicle needs what’s called a cat-back exhaust replacement.

This replaces everything after the catalytic converter where the pipe has broken off. And from the looks of the pipe laying on the ground, the exhaust system is too rusted up to try to weld on.

Ya gotta have solid metal.


Specifically you need a new resonator pipe. You can order one from for about $65 plus shipping. If you go to a shop, you can expect that the resonator will be about twice that price. Its probably about an hour labor. It’s also called a central silencer.

You may need a muffler too, that will depend on what it looks like right now. About $56 plus shipping, or twice that at a local shop. Not much more labor if done at the same time as the resonator.

A complete cat back will run about $400 on this, plus shipping from RockAuto, probably about a grand at a shop, installed.


If you look at the last image, there is no resonator on the pipe.

This means it’s aftermarket pipe without the resonator.


I just repaired a 2002 Corolla exhaust system a few weeks ago for a friend. I’m surprised at how rotted yours is. You must live in a really aggressive environment rust-wise. The only way to know how much actually needs to be replaced is to examine the system from underneath the car. I would not be at all surprised if you needed a totally new system from the converter back, a “cat back” system as Tester suggested.

I strongly recommend using a reputable independently owned and operated shop for this. One particular chain that calls themselves muffler specialists uses generic parts and welds the system together, such that future repairs cannot be done in the normal way… welding will be required forever. They guarantee the muffler and make their money on the labor. So if the muffler or a pipe rots out, and they do, they replace the part for free but charge you a bundle to put it in. And other shops will turn these away, because they know they’ll have to pull out the plasma cutter and basically cut the welded-in system out and rebuild the system to get it back to its original configuration.

“Owned by an old man not really using it.”

But when it was used it was probably driven short distances. Which doesn’t drive the moisture out of the exhaust system, which makes the exhaust system rust out.


Nice catch Tester, and a good point.

Thank you all for the advises, I am presently at speedy (I know Id rather go to a independently owned repaor car shop but we need it by monday and they were all close). I will get those estimates and keep you huys inform. Not sure if buying parts only are worth the time, im in canada montreal.

Thansk again. Will let you know how much it turns out. At least I was able to provide some info proving I know something about it.

Keeping the catalysor and the muffler and changing the broken pipe with a “resonator” (I think it is; its the part were pupe broke): it would cost 305$ tax included. Good deal?

Take it. For a fix today, it is a very good deal. At that price, I imagine the replacement pipes are carbon steel, not stainless steel. If she keeps the car for 5 years, it won’t need to be replaced because of rust. I think carbon steel is the right choice for a 13 year old car.

Nice good to ear!

Pipe is made of aluminum which will last 3 yr from what he said. Fair enough for us.

I wouldn’t call it a “good deal” but you’ll always pay a lot more for ASAP repairs.

He probably meant “aluminized” pipe, which is steel with an aluminum coating.

Yes this is it aluminized coating. Yeah but consider 15% of province tax… original price was arround 260

I guess those are $C and not $US. The price sounds about right. That would also explain all the rust.

Yes in C and yes strong salty ugly winters

When looking for auto shops it’s a good idea to ask friends, co-workers, fellow church goers which shop they use, then tell the shop you decide upon up front who it was that recommended them to you. It gives you a little more leverage than just walking into the shop, you unknown to them, and they unknown to you.