Leaking Flex Pipe: Fix needed?


Recently my catalytic converter got stolen (bastards). I brought it to a muffler shop and they replaced it. They also attended me on a leaking flex pipe, see pictures.
I am planning on using the car until end of August and then I have to sell for sure, since I am leaving the States. The muffler shop said a fix was not per se needed, but recommended.

If I do not fix this, do you guys reckon it will hold till end of august? I honestly think I’ll just drive like 5-6K miles with it till August.

See pictures for extra details.

I honestly think that you’re risking Carbon Monoxide poisoning if you do what you are thinking of.


It won’t last that long.

You can see from the black soot that it’s already leaking exhaust gasses.

The pipes look like they’re in decent shape, so a shop can just weld in a flex section instead of replacing the entire pipe.



Thanks for your answer! Do you think you have a rough estimation of the costs?

I don’t know the shop labor rates for your area.

So no.


My local muffler replaced a flex pipe on a 2004 Hyundai Tiburon for about $300 last year.

I regard this as a normal wear/maintenance thing so just bite the bullet and get 're done.

PS, Remind them that they just did some work for you and how about a price break?

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Thanks man! Perhaps I can ‘negotiate’ and fix the price with them before hand at a set $250 - $300.

It’s just a bit tough since I already know the car is not long term for me. The cat being stolen, well can’t do much about it, just needs a new cat or piece of pipe. Since I probably got this since I bought it (2K miles since), and no fuel / performance issues, I am like mehh should I really…

You would think a new cat is much more expensive then a flex pipe. Did you pay for cat or insurance?

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I am as cheap as the day is long, and even I would NEVER pinch pennies on tires, brakes, or exhaust repair. What good is it to save money if you end up dead or injured?


New cat + welding was 350 usd if I remember correctly. Not insured, unfortunately

Out of curiosity and lack of knowledge, what is the risk of driving with a flex pipe like mine? How does that increase my chances of getting into an accident?

You could inhale a whiff of exhaust while stopped at a traffic light, sort of like riding a motorcycle.

Did you not read this answer? Do you not understand what it means?

Poisoning is the key word. Sickness or death. Your accident can be caused by the carbon monoxide sickness. Your death can be the result of carbon monoxide poisoning. Is that worth risking $2-300?


Carbon monoxide poisoning is very dangerous and very real concern.
The muffler shop you used for the catalytic converter did you a major disservice by not replacing the flex pipe when the new converter was installed. Nor can I understand why the shop did not inform you of the cost of replacement when they were doing the converter replacement.


Perhaps the OP is one of those people who is unaware that CO is a colorless, odorless gas that can cause serious neurological problems–even if it doesn’t kill you.

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the good thing is when you pass out from the carbon monoxide poisoning, you won’t know until later that you got into an accident…


Hahah yes I am are wat CO does and the danger of it. Just never realized CO is leaking from the flex pipe, and that it can enter my car from the bottom of the car (I would assume via AC).

Thanks for emphasizing the concern, never realized this would be one of the dangers of a leaking exhaust system.
I’ll get in touch with them, or another muffler shop to see what they can do

It can also seep in through chassis seams whose seals deteriorate over time.

Call a parts store, since you are only keeping the car until august, perhaps there is a band aid solution.