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Peugeot 206 exhaust muffler. Worth it to replace?

Hi there,

I have a peugeot 206 and the muffler was completely rusted and fell off the pipe (except for the rubber bands). I already detached the old one and I was thinking to repair it myself with a new muffler and some gun gum. But when I got the old one off I noticed that the end of the middle part is kind of rusty and weak (on the end it was a bit crumbling off) see these pictures:

Do you think that it’s worth it to buy a new muffler?


It’ll prevent you from getting carbon monoxide poisoning.

So yes!



It’s ABSOLUTELY worth repairing your exhaust system so you don’t have exhaust fumes getting in the car, killing you.

And so you don’t make a huge amount of noise.


Yes ofcourse, and it is illegal in my country to drive around without.

But my question was regarding the rusty parts on the middle part, it is quite weak and I’m not sure it can hold…

Then the exhaust pipe(s) are replaced too.



Okay thanks, I’ll take a look again to see if that needs to be replaced aswell.

Depending on how the exhaust is constructed, you might find it difficult to get the rusted pieces off. Exhaust components tend to weld themselves to each other through a combination of rusting and constant heat cycles. It’s sometimes less of a headache to just take it to a muffler shop and have them cut the rusted pipe off and weld a new one on.

Before you start the job, look over the whole pipe - if the muffler and the pipe attached to it were that rusty, you might have holes starting somewhere else along the line as well. Might as well catch it now so you only have to get under the car to fix it once.

Cool car btw. The 206 is one that I was very jealous we didn’t get here in the USA. I used to really like watching them run in WRC.


If you can find a local shop to do it, that would be my choice. Exhaust system work is nasty/dirty, I’ll happily pay a pro. And you might be surprised that the price isn’t too bad.


Absolutely not!
But as a “special favor” for you, I’ll send you a check for the $600 it costs to repair it in exchange for the Title.
And if you decide not to repair it, please let your heirs know that the offer still stands assuming that you don’t pass out and total it. :wink:

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