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Saturn-Cobalt Power Steering Motors

Are the power steering motors on 2004 through 2006 Saturn Ions interchangeable with the ps motors on 2004 through 2008 Chevey Cobalts?

If you go to a good scrapyard and talk nice to the people, they might look this up in their Hollander Interchange Manual. Scrapyards need this book to sell parts whenever a fit is possible.

A GM parts dept should also be able to tell you, though I’m not sure anyone would want to be bothered if you weren’t in it to buy parts.

You might also just search for replacements for each car through any kind of online parts store and compare the part numbers.

Scrap yards couldn’t find crossover listing for this part and I couldn’t find it listed in any online parts catalog- Emailed Saturn help online and Chevy help online seperately and got the part numbers- they are the same-
Thanks for tips on finding the parts numbers.