Saturn ION 3 2007 no power steering

Saturn Ion 2007 with less than 50,000, loses power steering at anytime and they say they need to replace the steering colum and electric motor to the tune of $1,000, and to top it off they don’t have the part. Isn’t this a huge safety issue if I cannot street my way out of the direction of their dealership?

Typically you would think a manufacture would cover such a problem in a car this new with such little miles. However Saturn is now a orphaned make which could make it tough to get GM to cover anything unless its still under warranty.

Joycie, Save Your Receipts. Make Sure Your Exact Complaint Is Documented On The Repair Order. File A Complaint With NHTSA On Their Web Site.

I would bet that there’s a good chance this will develop into a recall at some time. Owners are usually reimbursed retroactively when that happens.

You could request a meeting with a Zone Rep first, before the repairs, and express your dissatisfaction and safety concerns. Sometimes there exist “secret warranties” or “goodwill” to help offset the expense. Steering should last longer than 50,000 miles.


There is a recall on Chevrolet Cobalts and Pontiac G6s for the electric motor.

I’m surprised it doesnt’ include the Ion since it’s the same platform. GM is going to replace the motors on the oldest ones first, so I suspect it will be a while before they get to my 2010 Cobalt.

I agree with CSA, file a complaint with NHTSA and save your receipts. If enough Saturn owners complain, GM may add the ION to the recall. When the motor fails, only the power steering assist is lost. The vehicle can still be steered, albeit with much more effort. The mass media tends to leave this detail out when reporting on the problem.

Ed B.