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Saturn Ion Power steering issue

Power steering on '03 Ion cuts out from time to time and then comes back on a short time later. Anyone else seen this problem / have any

Does this car have conventional hydraulically-assisted power steering, or does it have electrically-assisted PS?

I ask because GM did have a lot of teething problems with their early electric power steering, and it is even possible that there may have been a recall for this type of problem on Saturns. I seem to recall that GM issued a recall for Chevy Malibus with problematic electric PS, but I am not sure whether this might have applied to Saturns as well.

If you have hydraulic power steering, the first thing to do is to check the level of the PS fluid. If that is normal, then you need to check the serpentine belt, which may be slipping. If the belt is not slipping, then the PS pump is likely worn-out.

If your PS is electric, you need to find a mechanic who is familiar with that type of system.

Is there any chance you might in fact have a 2004 model year?

Whoever “disagreed” with me needs to relax.

First of all, many people get the exact model year of their car wrong.
Do you know the exact year your house was built?
I’d guess some of you would have to look through your paperwork.
Just the other day I saw a 1989 Mercedes 300E with a “for sale” sign in the window.
It was listed as a 1990. That has completely different rims, bumpers and side mouldings.
Let’s not forget that many model year 2004 cars were in fact produced in 2003.
The sticker on the door jamb might in fact say 11/2003, meaning the car was produced in the 11th month of 2003.
Also, I believe that link had some good info, if the car is in fact a 2004 model year.
OP has not responded to my question yet.

Now you know why I asked that question and posted what I did.

I’m thinking you might be right DB. I wish the OP would answer.

But yeah, I know the year my first house was built (1967) and the year my current house was built (1940). I’m not sure what year the one I had built was built. I’d have to look.



I’m not sure what year my house was built. I think it was 1958, give or take a year.
I do know the model years of my cars, though.

As far as the power steering issue goes, I believe the 2003 and 2004 model year Ions actually had the same steering components.

FWIW when I was at the Benz dealership, there was a recall on catalytic converters for certain vehicles. The welds would crack, actually. Occasionally a car would come in with that cracked cat, but wasn’t eligible because it was’t in the vin range. Yet it had the exact same part number and date code as the failed parts we were allowed to replace “under warranty”

“Mistakes” do get made.

Go figure.

Perhaps something similar is going on with that model year 2003 Saturn Ion.