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Saturn ion redline 2004 thoughts

What do you guys think about the car? Is it worth buying still ? Would parts be hard to come off by?

Luck of the draw, get it inspected. Never had a parts problem for daughter’s 2002 Saturn

14 year old, discontinued, high performance model of a standard SUV???

NOthing but red flags here. Why don’t you just set fire to the money you want to spend to buy this car. At least that will keep you warm. Don’t buy it!


The Ion was the small/midsize car. It’s very similar to the Cobalt/HHR. It was made when GM decided that Saturn didn’t need cars that were unique to Saturn, like they had in the early-mid 90’s. Basically they took away what made Saturn special and different.

Yes, I expect it will be hard to locate a source for the parts eventually. But at 14 years old, finding parts probably won’t be a problem for a few years yet. Still, finding parts for this car won’t be nearly as effortless as for a Corolla or Civic. Rather than guessing, do the experiment. Ask your parts vendor if they can find you a few commonly replaced parts, like a water pump, fuel pump, ignition control module, ignition coil packs, mass airflow sensor, map sensor, camshaft position sensor, starter motor. If they can source all those without much difficulty, and the price is reasonable, parts probably won’t be much of a problem , at least for now.

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Common parts like the ones listed above should be available for the rest of your life, there are many aftermarket suppliers offering parts for General Motors products.

Selective parts like power seat or map light switches may be difficult to find but that would be the same with any vehicle.

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The car shares a lot of parts with the 2005 Cobalt SS, including the engine and transmission. If you buy it and need parts, just look for 2005 Cobalt SS mechanical parts and you should be fine.

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Parts availability would not bother me because most maintenance and wear parts such as brakes, ball joints, fuel and emission parts, etc will be available for a long, long time…

A too high price would bother me so how much are they asking for this thing?