Saturn in GM Power Steering Recall

Our Saturn ION has the same power steering issue as the other GM cars included in the recall. I plan to go down to our former-Saturn-now-GM dealer and ask them to fix it. Has anyone had any luck getting their Saturn included in the recall? Today, my power steering went out 4 times – once when I was climbing a mountain with no place to pull over and several turns ahead. Not fun.

If your car is not included in the recall they will not fix it under the recall.

I found this online: ANY ONE WITH A SATURN ION THAT HAS POWER STEERING PROBLEMS…PLEASE READ…The power steering recall on the cars just made by GM have the very same steering parts as the Saturn Ion. But the Ion was not included in the recall… PLEASE call NHTSA at 888-327-4236 to document your complaint. You will need car year, VIN #, and current mileage. With enough complaints, the Ion may be added!

I just studied the design of this “power steering” and it’s an electric motor instead of a pump that uses fluid. Jeesh!

There are two (pink) fuses that are problematic so you might want to check them: Number 42 and 43. To make matters worse the computer that controls the steering is also suspected.

It’s a new recall, issued 3/1/2010 and applies to some 2005-2010 Chevy Cobalt’s and 2007-2010 Pontiac G5’s with electric power steering. The NHTSA doesn’t give VINs yet. I looked at the GM letter on file at NHTSA and it doesn’t include any information beyond the number of cars involved by year. As missileman suggested, contact NHTSA to register your complaint. The recall could be expanded, but only if you help. File your complaint here:

Thanks, everyone! I have registered complaints with NHSTA, GM, and joined a facebook group;)