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Safety and legality of driver-side electric window stuck in the closed/up position

Is it safe and legal (licensed and registered in Washington state) to drive my 2000 Nissan Altima with the driver-side electric window stuck (broken motor in the door panel) in the closed/up position?

I doubt its a safety or legal issue unless you plan to crawl out the side window in an accident. You can get one of those punches that will shatter the window if you are concerned about being trapped. Just just think about going through a drive-through bank, ATM, fast food, etc. It can get pretty inconvenient so maybe just want to fix it.

Yes, it would be cheaper to just walk into the bank or fast food place, if you had to bust your window every time you needed to use the drive through.

One Could Simply Enter The Drive-Through Lanes Backwards And Lean Across The Seat For Drive-Through Burgers Or Money Or Flu Shots Or Tattoos, Etcetera. That’s What They Make Passenger Windows For, You Know. Mail Carriers Even Sit Over There !

Remember, It makes for better traffic flow if one remembers to turn around before pulling out onto the highway.

Another thing, if all else fails, you could fix it.


You might want to fix this be it legal or not.

If you get pulled over by law enforcement and the window doesn’t work, your first instinct would be to open the door. When doing this without instructions from the law enforcement official their first instinct is a possible threat. You then look down a barrel of a gun.


Thanks to you all. I plan to get it fixed, though it will be pricey (several hundred dollars). I’m hoping to get the most out of this relatively low mileage car for at least the next few years.