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Power Windows/Locks Stopped Working

My power windows and lock stopped working on the driver side and the power windows on passenger side/back stopped as well.

What’s weird is they would sometimes work if I pressed them enough times or usually right when I turned the car on. I assumed it was a battery issue but when researching I see a lot of people saying it’s a wire issue most likely. I live in the desert and it’s extremely hot/batteries die a lot and I haven’t had mine replaced in a while.

I didn’t seem to have the same issue as everyone else though since they didn’t fully break. Now they are broken and don’t work at all however.Has anyone encountered what I have?

Hold the switches and then slowly open/close the door.

If the window/lock work while doing this, there’s broken wires between the door and body.

They usually break in the rubber conduit between the door and body.



Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll try it out in a bit