3 Driver's side Door problems - fix or get new door?



Hello there. I have a question regarding the driver’s side door to my Nissan Altima GXE (2000). 3 problems:

The only thing wrong w/ my car is the door; the Window will not fully go down (only 70%), the side mirror housing has a chunk missing from it (still works though), and the door will not stay open (when opened, I get in the car and the door just shuts automatically without my pulling it shut).

While these conditions are certainly manageable/livable, my main concern is when I go to sell it. Since the door is the only problem, I thought about replacing it, which left me with 2 options: Buy a working door from the junkyard (available for $350) or get the door repaired by a mechanic.

I’ll be honest; I don?t know what the latter would entail, labor or parts wise. Which would you think is the cheapest solution???

Thanks so much for listening. Matt


The mirror can be replaced (junk yard). The door stay (the thing that holds it open) can be replaced (junk yard or Nissan dealer). The window might go all the way down if you lubricate the mechanism and the window channel. Sometimes a dry/dirty channel will prevent the window form operating properly, and a little cleaning/lubrication will “fix” it.

All of this would be a fraction of the $350 you quote for a new door. There is nothing wrong with the door, just the things attached to it.


Okay - sounds good, though need some follow-up info:
what is the proper word/term for the door stay? a door stay?
i dont think lubrication will cut it for the window; I can push down hard on the window and it wont budge - i think theres somethign in the way. could the door stay be interrelated w/ this window fault? plus i forgot to mention window quirk: it WILL go down all the way just fine IF the door is OPEN. if it’s fully open and my door is shut, i cant close the window. gotta re-open door to close window.


Then there could be a connection between the two. If the window works fine with the door open, SOMETHING is interfering when the door is closed. I suggest you remove the inner door panel and investigate.

There will be a few screws holding the panel to the door, but mostly it just ‘pops’ off and on with fasteners around the perimeter.


Okay I’m looking up parts for the door stay. which is the best match?

Door hinge
Door regulator
door switch
door vent glass regulator


Auto glass places are the experts for this type of problem. It might cost less then the $350. Way less. Plus, the door will still fit.


Okay i will look into it - thanks for the comment, really appreciate it!!!