Safe to drive on this tire? (With pic)

My dumbass today hit a curb from being in a rush and it looks like a chunk of my front tire just got carved out and now there’s a sizable gash. Is it safe to drive with this, can i use something to patch it, or is the tire done?

The tire needs to be replaced.

I can see the side cords of the tire sticking out.



Do you really want to find out the hard way that you should have replaced it ? Sidewall damage is not repairable and not good if it completely fails at highway speeds .


Yep, replace it, broken sidewall cords.


That is the automotive equivalent of someone using a band-aid to try to stop arterial bleeding.
As others have already stated, you need to replace that tire.

Sure, it’s safe to drive the car to a tire dealer, so you can replace the tire. This is a RWD car, so you can get away with buying only two tires.

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thanks for the information.

vote #85 (approx) to replace the tire. :slight_smile: