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Curbed my tire, failed inspection. Options?

Hi all,

Curious if the typical “of sidewall is damaged, replace” rule exists if there is no apparent gash. Or if there is any recommendations on ways to fix this (ie superglue a piece of rubber in its’ place, etc) to get it to pass inspection.


I’ve been driving on it for 7 months, no issue. Hasn’t gotten bigger. Has gone over many potholes, and was fine. The tire is a year old :frowning:

Sidewall damage can not be repaired period. You are on borrowed time replace tire .


Options? Yes. Replace the tire. Alternately, you can replace the tire. If neither of those work, try replacing the tire.



I used to do inspections and I would never have let that one pass. Damage like that leads to sudden blowouts, loss of control, …

The inspector who failed you did you a huge favor.

As volvo_v70 noted, you’re on borrowed time.


There’s “no apparent gash” because the missing strip of rubber has been torn clean off

As the others said, just replace the tire and get the car re-inspected

If you do that, you’ll not only fail the re-inspection, but you might also be begging the inspector to look over the rest of the car again

My daughter damaged the front right tire pulling into my driveway yesterday. The sidewall developed a small leak. Since it is on the sidewall I ordered a replacement tire yesterday. There is hardly any wear, but I won’t plug it, since the side wall is damaged. You need a new tire, too.

Not the first time a tire has been ruined running into something, but super glue?? I had 1500 miles on my car and ran into my concrete step in the garage. Bye bye tire for $300.

I really hope this was sarcasm…as the others have said, replace it! You can’t repair sidewall damage.

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It’s frustrating to have to replace what appears to be a good tire with sidewall damage like that, but there’s no other option sadly. It can’t be repaired and be trusted to be safe. Bite the bullet and replace it is my advice. The cost of one tire won’t break the bank. If you’re really on a budget use the local yellow pages, internet or whatever, search for “used tires”, or go to a salvage yard, you maybe can find a used tire.

I’ve been smoking for 33 years and have no issues. That doesn’t mean it’s wise for me to keep doing it.

The tire is damaged and is unsafe by industry standards and in the opinion of at least one professional here. I can think of no reason not to replace that tire. The fact that you need to pass inspection just reinforces that position.

If the tire is only a year old see if the damage is covered by a road hazard warranty on the tire.


Interesting side story. I argued with a guy who wanted to repair a tire with rubber cement. I had to explain that rubber cement was made of rubber, not made to cement rubber.

I’m stunned that you even drove this to the inspection station. This tire is unsafe, period. You’re risking the lives of yourself, your family, and all those sharing the road with you. And I am NOT exaggerating. If this tire blows, and it very well might, you’re likely to lose total control of the car.

…and, if the OP causes an accident and a forensic examination of his car reveals this tire fault, it is very possible that his insurance company could refuse to cover his damages because of his negligence.

If there is no penetration to the sidewall cords, I don’t see how this is such a doomsday scenario.

Because the ability of the tire to absorb impacts is dependent upon the integrity of the entire carcass, not just the cords. It’s truly a “system”, not just rubber over nylon.

Seven month of hitting potholes says there are exceptions.

Do you think the tire looks safe?

After 7 months…sure.

And you’d let your daughter drive on this?

You can swim in shark-infested waters many times without injury, but you shouldn’t take that to mean that swimming in shark-infested waters is perfectly safe. Managing to avoid a shark attack for 10 dives does not mean you won’t get munched on when you go for the 11th.

Just because OP has beaten the odds for 7 months does not mean that OP will beat the odds for an 8th month.

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