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Is my tire okay? Should I repair/fix or must replace

Hey guys I hit a curb few days ago and just realized the damage to my rim/tire. Is this bad ?? It’s not leaking or anything but I’m just worried. Is this fixable ? Or must be replaced?

The tire needs to be replaced.

The side wall of the tire flexes. And that flexing can cause that rip open up where tire completely fails.



The wheel might need to be replaced as well. I see a crack but I can’t tell if it is the painted rim or deeper into the aluminum.

I’m having some financial issues right now and replacing one tire will cost me $500… it’s not leaking or anything. Should I continue to drive it under caution ? Or would it blow on me.

If necessary get a used tire or tire and rim from a junkyard but don’t keep driving it as is.


You can’t drive the vehicle.

The tire could blow at any time. And that will be very exciting at 70 MPH, for you and other drivers on the road.



The rim is fine. Those are the paint. But it’s the tire that I’m concern about. :confused: I might have made a right turn and came too close to the curb.


What tires are on it now that cost $500 each? What car do you drive?


You can get a set of four Generals for a little over that amount. Bad news if it’s FWD, you need two, and if it’s AWD you need four probably.

Interesting how slow the guy is to check on the condition of the other driver and how everyone just goes on with their drive.

Pictures are only two dimensional. Is the rubber cut, split or torn? Can you see the cord in that split/cut/tear? If it is split/cut/torn but not down to the cord, you could be OK for awhile, but if you can see the cord, replace immediately.

The radio still works

If money is short then use a credit card and just get 4 cheap decent sized wheels and some low cost tires . That way the next time you will not be facing a 500.00 tire purchase .
What size are these tires anyway and what vehicle do you have them on?

I want to know too! I have never paid more than $100 for a tire, including tax and installation, and that is for quality tires from a well-known brand. Of course, I drive cars which take common tire sizes, or at least sizes which were common in the past.

It will likely blow.

I have my friends newist model Maserati GT. My friend went to vacation for a month and left me her car to drive etc.

Then all of your questions should be to the owner of this expensive vehicle . There are times when you just have to accept the results of a mistake . And don’t drive this anymore and cause even more damage.

Yeah. I still want to pay for the damage and have it fixed before she knows. And I won’t get my money until 2 weeks later. I checked the split/cut. It doesn’t appear deep. And tire pressure has not lose any same 38/38 on rear. I tried applying pressure to see if I feel any air but nope.

From the looks of it, I’d say you are lucky if you don’t have to replace the rim also. Besides the damage, it looks like a pretty poor rim to be on a Maserati GT.

I guess you haven’t watched the video clip posted earlier. Make sure you have a dash cam the next time you take the car (as is) out for a drive. People all over the world love to watch a good car crash. Hey, and maybe you are lucky enough and your friend will be in the drivers seat.

That is just plain wrong . You try and hide this damage but unseen damage to the suspension shows up later . How would you feel if someone did this deceitful thing to you ?