Damaged Sidewall. Need replacing or drivable?

I’m not even quite sure where this damage came from, but I am notorious for hitting curbs, so most likely that’s the culprit. I haven’t noticed any changes in driving, psi, or anything of the sort. The only reason I even saw the damage is because I was walking the dog and happened to look down. I don’t see any wires showing either. Is it safe to drive or should it be replaced?

That looks pretty superficial, at least to my eye, but others may differ.
However, if you have a history of hitting curbs I strongly suggest that you have the alignment checked.


Looks fine. No cords showing, no wheel damage. No worries.

if you are prone to hitting curbs like you say you are. heres a thought…
go to a junk yard and pick up a rim for your car. then put the damaged tire on the rim you picked up and keep it in your trunk. this way if you have a sidewall blow out you have a rim and tire to put on and you can keep driving. I am not sure what year your car is, but most newer cars dont even come with a doughnut to put on. just a thought.

I would suggest you consult a tire shop, internet opinions are not worth risking your life on!


Good advice above. I don’t think there’s much of a worry there, just keep an eye on it to make sure it isn’t getting worse. I experienced a nick like that after switching from Michelin tires on my car to another brand. In my case there was no alternative b/c Michelin no longer manufacturers the size my car uses. But if you can purchase Michelins for your Fusion next time you buy tires, that’s an option worth considering imo.

I don’t think that’s deep enough or large enough to “compromise the integrity of the tire”. If you have a tire shop that you trust (and isn’t going to try and just sell you something for no reason), it might not hurt to get their opinion.


I would continue to use that tire. If it starts to lose air pressure then get it checked. But that’s me, not you, so you decide.

That damage is in the rim protector and superficial at that.

OK to go!! (Looks like the rim protector did its job!!)