Tire is damaged (pics attached), should I take it on the highway to get it repaired (pic attached)

Hey everyone,
I have a question…
I accidentally hopped a curb on an angle and scraped my wheel cover and a small area of the tire peeled away.

I’ve been driving it around the city for a week now without any issues, and the tire has never deflated.

  1. I know no one can guarantee complete safety… but my mechanic is quite far, and I was wondering if you would take this on the highway for 30min and get it replaced.

  2. Also, should I cut away the part that detached? or would it throw off the balance of the tire?


You even have to ask ?

  1. No
  2. No

This tire is unsafe at any speed and cannot be repaired.

Get your spare tire on, a donut is better than this tire.

It’s a gonner.

" I know no one can guarantee complete safety"

I can guarantee that your tire is now dangerous to drive on.

As was already stated, you should mount the spare tire and then you should drive to a tire shop for an appropriate replacement tire. Replacing a tire does not necessitate driving to a specific mechanic’s shop.

Kaput! Gone! Any side wall damage will usually condemn a tire. This one is worse than average.

Not only is the tire done for my feeling is that the wheel itself should be scrapped and there is a good possibility of suspension damage and alignment issues also.

The tire may be the least of your problems.

That’s not a wheel cover, that’s a cast alloy wheel…It may or may not be salvageable. The junk tire needs to be removed from the wheel and the wheel closely inspected. If the wheel damage is superficial, a small hand grinder can be used to carefully “dress up” the damaged area. Don’t expect any shop to do that, that’s a DIY project…

If it were my car I would drive 30 miles on the highway to the tire store and have the tire (and it’s mate on the other side) replaced.

If it were my wife’s car I would put the spare on first before driving it 30 miles on the highway for a new tire.

I might drive it up to 40 mph or so.

If you have a spare, use that to get to the tire store.
If you don’t call a tow truck.

This tire should not be driven on. And I agree that the wheel should be carefully checked out along with the alignment and chassis… any decent alignment tech will give that portion of the chassis a good look-see anyway, but it never hurts to tell them to look at it to be sure.

For the record, there are places that will correct even an out-of-round wheel, but wheels are subjected to so much impact energy that I’d rather have a new one. It’s very cheap insurance.

I would have no problem driving with this tire on surface roads at 45 mph or less for 30 miles (keeping a firm grip on the steering wheel). The cords are intact and the rubber that’s peeled back contributes very little to the strength of the tire.

Thanks a lot for the advice guys. I’ll get the tire switched.


So does this mean you’re going to ignore the wheel, possible suspension/steering damage, and alignment issues?

I am a cheapskate and have had my share of cars that were in less than good condition when driven around, but I never messed with tires & brakes. That should give you an idea.