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Saab 92x subaru vs saab mechanic

i have a 2005 saab 92x which i know has a subaru engine. would i be better off using a subaru mechanic for maintenance/repairs? i live south of boston. any recommendations?

A Saab-specialized shop may have worked on a few of these relatively rare cars.
A Subaru-specialized shop will have worked on hundreds, or perhaps thousands of these cars, as they are simply Subaru Imprezas with Saab badging, grill, and tail lights.

Not only is the engine a Subaru engine, virtually every mechanical part (and most likely every electronic part) is a Subaru part, not a Saab part.

Aside from cosmetic features, the only substantive difference from a Subaru Impreza is the rear suspension. This car was made by Subaru on the same Japanese assembly line as the Impreza, and Saab’s involvement was essentially only in the marketing of it.
It was nicknamed the “Saabaru” by Saab aficianados.

This was one of GM’s not-so-bright ideas that resulted in discontinuing the model after very disappointing sales figures. As a result, not many have been worked on by Saab mechanics.

Edited to add:
If the Subaru dealership is telling you that they can only change oil on this car, then the person with whom you spoke is not aware of the existence of the rare Saabaru. If you go over there and pop the hood, they will see that this is a Subaru through and through. However, as texases stated, an indy foreign car specialist will be far cheaper than a Subaru dealership.

I called the local subaru dealer and they said they could not do any more than an oil change for me. Do you know of a subaru mechanic? Thank you.

Use the mechanic finder (click on ‘actual car information’, above). You’ll want an independent anyway, save you lots of $$.

Use the Subaru mechanic. Basically as you know you own a very nice Subaru Impreza or WRX with a nicer interior and 200lbs of additional sound deadening material.

I know Dent Sport Garage in Norwood is highly recommended. However post over on in the NESIC section ( and ask.