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Saab 92-X starting trouble

A friend owns a Saab 92-X, 2006, 2.5 liter engine. She tells me that she has an intermittent problem in starting the car - sometimes it fires right up, other times it takes a long time to crank. Any ideas? The Saab dealer told her to keep on cranking it - couldn’t find anything wrong, but had her buy new spark plugs - didn’t fix it. Car has 30,000 miles.

Since the only thing about that car that is actually Saab is the nameplate, I wouldn’t be too surprised if the dealership has little working knowledge of the car’s intricacies.

The vehicle is really a Subaru Impreza (albeit with a Saab insignia on it), and the Saab dealer is undoubtedly not very experienced with this model–of which they sold very few examples. A Subaru dealership or a foreign car mechanic who specializes in Subarus will be far more familiar with this car than a Saab dealer.