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92xSaab "sabaru" transmission

My2005 92x Saab 70,000m-has been diagnosed by both SAab and Suburu as needing a new transmission. General motors has agreed to pay $1200. of the $6000. repair. How can I get them to be responsible for more???I gave them all my maintenance records.

If the Powertrain Warranty has expired, as it appears, then any payment from GM is purely “at their discretion”. No monetary assistance is required of a car manufacturer once the warranty has expired, so I am honestly surprised that they are offering you $1,200.

Is this a manual or automatic. Either case you can source a used one from a wrecked Subaru Impreza or WRX if an Aero as it near identical in the powertrain and majority of car.

I still would get some quotes from indepedents for the work and possibly fixing or rebuilding vs overpriced Saab replacement.