Do you like your Saab 92x?



I’m thinking of buying a Saab 92-x and see a lot of one or two year olds on the lot with low mileage. This makes me wonder if this model has some annoying factor which causes folks to trade them in quickly. I’d love to hear your opinions if you have owned one.


This particular car is really a rebadge of a Subaru Impreza/WRX wagon. Its a Saab built in Japan by Subaru. It has an upgraded interior, smoother ride, and more sound insulation. Also the body panels were changed on the front end.M any people love the Subaru Impreza/WRX and it comes highly recommended used car by Consumer Reports for reliability and overall car. Given it uses many identical parts you can extended this reliability to the 92x and also its built on the same line in Japan.

I think many were leased by owners as Saab’s typically are. You are seeing the return leases out there. Its also an easy car to outgrow given its smaller size.

I would simply take it for a extended test drive and see if suits your needs.

I absolutely love my Subaru WRX.

Subaru WRX=Saab 92x Aero(turbo engine 2006 much better)
Subura Impreza=Saab 92x Linear(non-turbo engine)

Happy car shopping…


I’ve also been looking into the 9-2x to replace my Subaru Forester with 150,000 miles. There is a 9-2x linear (manual) for sale in my area - year is 2005 but the mileage is 95,000. If I expect to put between 15k and 20000 miles per year on the car and will need it for at least 4 years, would you balk at the mileage?