S2000 - driver side power window

The driver side window has an auto feature which makes it go all the way up or all the way by briefly activating the switch.

This feature has stopped working. To make the window go all the way up or down I have to keep the switch activated all the time.

Could it be the motor regulator that’s bad? And if yes, how easy/difficult is it to replace?


I don’t think it is the motor, most probably the switch. Most of the cars that I have seen you will notice the switches have 2 positions or clicks. The first opens window partially or to where you release it, while the second takes it all the way down. It is probably cheaper to get the switch than a motor.

Why would you bother fixing this?

The little computer that controls the auto up/down feature has probably forgotten what position the window is in. You can have it reset at the dealer or try this link which may or may not work.