Power window

Passenger window just stopped working in closed position. Neither driver’s or passenger’s switch would operate it. Was told it was probably the motor. Replaced regulator and motor. Window went up from half way down position using driver’s side switch, then back to not functioning at all. Window lock button off. Also, now the auto up/down for driver’s window not working, needs to be depressed or lifted for open/close. Guess old motor and regulator were ok. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

Year, make, model, mileage? Have you checked for voltage at the motor terminals? At the door switches?

2005 HONDA ELEMENT 80,000 MI, no I have not checked the voltage, good idea though, I will need to buy a tester. Thank you

Maybe a friend has a volt-ohm meter. Another possibility is lubrication. The motor will shut down if it has to work too hard. It doesn’t know it the window channels need lube or if your hand is in the way. You might spray silicone lube into the channels on both sides when the window is down and see if it works better.