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Diagnosing power window

Is there an obvious way to tell if the motor or switch for a window needs replaced or if it just needs reset?

My drivers side window stopped working about a year ago and I reset it with no problems (holding the button up/down for whatever amount of time). One day it stopped working so I did the reset method again and it was fine. It stopped working once more but when I did the reset this time it wouldn’t roll back up so I had to mess with the button for a few minutes to get it to work. I’ve never tried it again thinking my window would be permanently down. I have next to no knowledge about cars but if the motor/switch was bad wouldn’t the window not respond at all when I reset it?

Not so sure you have the idea correct. I dont think holding the window up button after the window is up is a “reset” … I believe its more of a “program”

If you do not do this step the window should still function but it will not operate with the “one touch” feature. The button holding basically turns on or enables “one touch” operation.

Otherwise it should work as a regular old power window…moving only with button input.

From what I remember and understand it was explained as a quick way to reset the window. None of the windows have or just aren’t programmed for one touch. I assume it’s a reset/program issue because it didn’t happen until I got my battery and pcm replaced, or I’m completely wrong and they aren’t related at all. I’ll keep searching and messing with it until I give in and have someone look at it. Thanks for your input!

If the manufacturer’s reset or homing procedure doesn’t work about the only obvious thing a person could look for that I can think of is a visual inspection of the wiring that goes from the door to the car’s body, located in the driver’s side hinge area. Sometimes the opening and closing of the door over time will break a wire or rub the insulation off.