Running Lamps not running

Hello all,

I have a 2002 Dodge Ram 4x4 quad cab. Recently the light out indicator lampo appeared on the dash. The runnin glamps were not appearing and when I clicked the turn signals, only the front ones worked and blinked very quickly. So I decided to change all the rear lamps. The turn signals work as expected now but the running lamps are not on. I tested all the fuses under the hood and they look fine. Can you temm me if there are others somewhere else?

I also changed around some of the relays to see if there was a change and no difference.

Please help,


There should be a fuse box under the dash somewhere, and the fuse you seek is probably there. The owner’s manual should tell you where it is.

I know the main box is under the hood right next to the battery. I checked all those fuses.

I tried looking under the dash but didn’t find anything.