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Turn light/running light on 1997 Camry

It all began on my 1997 Camry when the driver’s front turn signal began the rapid flashing thing, indicating to me that the bulb in the front was out. I replaced the bulb. The running light part works, but the flasher still does not. On the front passenger side of the car, the turn signal works, but the running light does not. I replaced the passenger side bulb at the same time I replaced the driver’s side bulb. The flashing turn signal works as it did before, but the running light still does not go on.

The problem shouldn’t be the bulbs - they are new. The flasher unit behind the fuse box should affect both lights flashing, so it probably is not that.

Any ideas as to what thing or things can cause one light to flash for the turn signal but not be on constantly for the running light (passenger front side) and to work as a running light being constantly on, but not flashing as a turn signal (driver’s front side)?

Could be a wrong bulb or bad connection with the bulb. I say this cause some of the bulbs have a current that goes through them and on to the other lights such as the running lights. recheck the bulb and its connection.

Clean out the sockets. The dielectric grease used in the sockets can old debris that can interfere with the contacts. Clean oth the sockets and the bulbs and put in fresh dielectric grease.

Try operating the hazard lights to see if they function properly. If not, then the problem is with the hazard switch. The turn signal circuit first passes thru the hazard switch before it continues on to the rest of the circuit.