Buick Regal 1995- Running lights not working

My running lights aren’t working. My father (who has been working on cars since the mid 1960’s and now fiddles with small farm equipment too)- checked every single fuse - on the passenger side panel, and both right and left panels under the hood. All fuses were good. A couple of years ago I had a problem with the brake lights (not the third one) not working and it turned out it was in the turn signal lever. I found that out on a blog forum similar to this site. We had tried the fuses, wires, etc. and couldn’t figure it out. But the suggestion I found on the blog/forum was right on target. So I’m thinking that the running lights are something weird like that too. Any help would be great! Especially since I can’t drive at night without any running lights. Thanks! :slight_smile:

If the dash lights are turning on when you turn on the running lights that is a good sign power is getting past the light switch. If you haven’t verified power is getting through the fuses and the dash lights aren’t working then you need to verify that power is getting to the fuses. If those things are ok then you need to check the power connection to the lights after the switch. It should be a simple circuit to the lights in the front and rear of the car.

The brake lights can also run through the emergency flasher circuit so that is another possible area for brake light problems when the two sides aren’t working and the middle one is. Sometimes just cycling the switch clears the trouble up.

Both the running lights and lights behind the speedometer and kilometer are not working. The other dash indicator lights (seat belt, brake, etc.) are working.

The brake lights issue was a separate issue from a few years ago, but did all the wire chasing, fuse checking and that resolved nothing. It was the wiring in the turn signal lever.