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Run your car on Water

Has anyone seen a real car that has been converted to water with some gas? The link below looks credible. Is this type conversion for real and is it as easy and inexpensive as they make it sound?


It’s B.S. and you’re full of B.S. as well. Why don’t you buy it and report back with your results.

The posts from you schills are the same word for word questions every time. Can’t you be more creative in your question so it isn’t so obvious that you’re just a schill.

Frankly paris… everyone on this board is tired of these posts from schills trying to drum up business for these scams.

Agreed with Willey. Enough is enough. The scam won’t work here.

Thanks for your response. I guess i see where you stand on it. We all could have done without the vitriol. You don’t know me and i’m no schill. I’m just a guy looking for input from people who know more about cars than I do. A guy asks an honest question to the car talk nation and this is the response i get. I listed the link so people could interact intelligently and responsibly. I don’t have a clue about it, but thought someone out there might. I enjoy the Cartalk radio show when I can listen and I’ve gotten good feedback from folks on other questions i’ve posted,but none as mean spirited as yours.

Personally I don’t believe that you’re just a guy looking for input. I personally believe that you get paid to post links to this BOGUS product and hope people will be STUPID enough to buy it. If I’m wrong I apologize. Why don’t you buy this product and waste your time and money and then post back here. Anyone with an IQ near normal or above should know that this is a scam.

I have it on good authority that you have to use bottled water which actually costs more than gasoline at $4.00 a gallon. Tap water contains minerals which will cause a calcium build-up on the engine valves. Softened water contains sodium ions that will combine with other elements and cause salt to form in the crankcase.

I’ve always heard that one should fight fire with fire, so I’ll fight one phony claim with another. If you really believe this device works, then you had better heed the warnings that I have given you.

I still would give these guys the benefit of a doubt. There are an awful lot of simple folks who really don’t know, don’t understand. Where else can they turn to but the reputable Car Talk forum? Just tell 'em “scam” and move on. Shills or not, they do us no harm.

Your apology,though dubious in sincerity, is accepted.
With an apology such as that I would be tempted to believe that you are actually a politician trolling the web looking for other bitter people clinging to their faith, guns, and CARS.

I certainly realize this could be a scam - thus the request for info. I also happen to believe that necessity is the mother of invention and that American ingenuity will lead us to some creative forms of alternative energy. Some day someone smarter than either of us (it won’t be Al Gore) will come up with something that will restructure the way we do fuel and energy. It happened in the realm of communication - the internet. That enables us to have this conversation today. Not too long ago this wouldn’t have been possible.
Have a nice day.

This gets very very frustrating day after day we get these…Especially for this particular device. What makes me think they are shills…is this is their one and only post. I have a hard time believing that the ONLY question or comment they have to make has to do with this crap!!!

Second this is an advertising method more and more companies are using. Most of the companies using this method are at the very best scum…but some legitimate companies are starting to do this.


while we certainly have occasionally people post here shilling products (Shadylady being a definite), I’m inclined to believe that the overwhelming majority of the enquiries into the water for gas product are probably real individuals simply using the website’s “hook” for the post title. This thing has been heavily and intensively advertised, and I think that’s the reason for the volume.

In any event, I’m inclined to give a poster the benefit of the doubt when I’m not certain. I truely think we provide a service by debunking these scams, and we probably save a lot of people from getting scammed. Remember that we get tons of enquiries about K&N CAI systems too, and those posts are clearly legit. I’d hate to see people not asking because they fear being verbally abused.

Unless a person just crawled out from under a rock, they should know that it is common ettiquette for any BBS to do a search for similar questions already answered before posting a new question. Although the search engine on this BBS isn’t exactly state of the art, it turns up quite a few instances of this topic if used.

sorry to disappoint you but this was not my “one and only post”. I’ve posted asking questions about a Jeep that wouldn’t shut off and about a Dodge Dakota (asking about a dealer recommeded repair). Each time i got very helpful advice from Car Talk folks.

Thanks “the same mountainbike” for your perspective.

Can you HONESTLY THINK that this could POSSIBLY WORK? Did you put ANY thought into it at all??

Perhaps, but perhaps we’re being a touch too overly suspicious too.

Me, this is the only forum I hang out at. I wouldn’t think of starting with a “search”, and I’m probably more computer saavy than many of our visitors.

One way to avoid looking like a spammer is to omit any links. As to the specific item being mentioned in the link, it makes no difference.
It’s the same old scam perpetuated under a thousand different names.

Just simply ask; if it really worked then why is every internal combustion engine not already equipped with it?
(And the Big Oil/Government conspiracy theory is not a valid answer)

“Just simply ask; if it really worked then why is every internal combustion engine not already equipped with it?”

Or, at least ask yourself why one auto manufacturer wouldn’t have bought the exclusive rights to this marvelous scientific advancement in technology. Since car manufacturers are fighting each other for market share, whoever has a significant advantage in gas mileage will absolutely KILL their competition. Imagine if, for instance, Ford Motor Company bought the rights to this device. Their difficult times would be over within a few short months as people flocked to their showrooms and ignored most other car manufacturers.

So, for anyone with a logical thought process, the answer to my question of why an auto manufacturer hasn’t bought the rights for their own exclusive use is, that this device–just like all of the other scams out there–DOES NOT WORK.

I found the search engine on this site disappointing to say the least. Before posting a question on a topic related this this water issue. It was really the same question but didn’t link to any site. I’ve been to 50 sites (including youtube) I tried to do a search to find my original inquiry without scrolling down and came up empty. When I entered the Car Talk site this evening, I wanted to see if there were any other responses since I posted my inquiry over the week end, no luck finding the question.

My posting was listed as Brown’s Gas and I posted for the first time but earnestly wanted feedback without shilling any website. Even if this person linked to a particluar site, that doesn’t prove anything conclusive.

I love the Click and Clack show.

Paris… you are full of bullcrap. Your question is the same one that keeps getting posted here, word for word.

Then you post back with hurt feelings because you were just looking for opinions on this product… bullcrap!

You are nothing but a schill. If you think this product can work why are you posting a question here??? Why aren’t you asking the people who invented this bullcrap???

OOOHHHH!!! that’s right you can’t. There’s no way to contact them. That would be a big red flag to anyone with a brain.