Run your car on water


Has anyone read a 3rd party analysis on this product, and how well it works?

Does it save money in the long run? Is reliable?



Please take your scam and go away.

Yes, please.

The answer to the first question in your third paragraph is NO. It doesn’t save money because it’s BOGUS and doesn’t work.

As to the second question, “Is reliable?” Well, since it doesn’t do anything other than drain your wallet, I suppose it might be considered reliable. How can a device that does NOTHING break down?

This is such a scam I don’t even know why I’m wasting my time.

OK, I see that there are some rude and close minded people on this website.

I don’t believe this is scam. Here’s a video with the inventor, showing the process of extracting hydrogen from water, using electricity:

The video, 4 pages down on this website, which talks about it as well:

I also found this website, talking about doing what I was trying to do, by posting my question on this website. Guess I should have went there, than to the car talk website.

So, my question again, is has anyone on this site done this themselves?

Hopefully, someone nicer will respond.

And your vested interest in this scam is…?

Quit posting this crap, and that’s a pretty polite way of describing this scam.

Instead of posting constantly about this garbage why don’t you simply buy one yourself, install it, and laugh at the rest of us close minded people.
Plans are even sold which show you how to build your own. Hurry up and order now before “the government”, under orders from Big Oil, comes in and confiscates it all.

And the reason no one on this site has purchased one is because no one here is stupid (not ignorant) enough to fall for it.

None. A friend sent this to me. I had never heard of it, and became too curious to just delete it. So I decided to see if anyone on this website heard about it, or knew about the potential of this technology. Instead, all I got was accusatory emails, with nothing behind your statements saying it was bogus and a scam. Can someone ask a simple question, without being accosted? How do you know that the people in these numerous videos and postings are scam artists?

This is fuel cell technology…if you think that you can buy a hydrogen generator for $200 that will produce enough hydrogen from water to power you car ten you should go out and buy one and forget about the comments posted. Just remember that if this technology really worked then why is it only advertised and discussed on web pages that only promote the product.

There are lots of websites talking about it, not only the ones who are selling the product. See above, and there are lots more. I was looking for more info, other than “go out and buy one”. Guess I came to the wrong place. Thanks for the insults. It didn’t kill me, so I guess it will make me stronger.

hello FLAG MAN,and goodbye.

And to think a drivers license and voter registration card is issued to every one that walks in the door.

One of these scam sites even asked for “mechanics” to join up and make good money installing this snake oil.
I don’t know of even one half reputable mechanic or shop that would touch this garbage with a ten foot pole.

You may consider the comments rude but rude is still not as bad as spam and scam. If these rude comments stop one person from wading into this bunk then it’s a job well done.

I believe Honda is attempting to bring a hydrogen car into the US, but who knows how long before it comes into production