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Run a car on water

Is there any validity to the advertised plans you can purchase, that diagram a plan to inject hydrogen into your manifold

for better gas mileage?


No No No.

See bscar’s reference.


These devices are also available from ‘$$$4Nothing.Com’ or ‘Money4OldRope.Com’, running your car on BS is more viable.

Which is exactly what these scams are.

Actually, Top Gear did a bit where they tested to see if a car actually could run on BS. Turns out it can quite well, although the cost of keeping and feeding bulls tends to cost more than just buying gas.

I hesitate to answer - b/c I think that every one of these posts are marketing posts and I think they should be ignored from now on.

I have heard of this scam and I think it is in line with the magnet on the fuel line that realigns the atoms in the gasoline. If these devices really worked, wouldn’t the oil companies buy the patents and keep them off the market? lol

Actually, if these things worked wouldn’t GM and Toyota gang up and outbid the oil companies? Although, in fact the concept is so well known that it could not be patented, so there is really no reason Ford, GM, Daimler, Toyota, Honda, and any other car company trying to improve their CAFE scores or just their green reputation would not be using this idea if it worked.

Large trucking companies can save thousands of dollars per day but gaining even 1 MPG, so why would they not be using this?

The answer is really simple, and oil company conspiracies to keep it off the market is not it.


Extracting hydrogen from water requires technology and more energy than you get out of it. Any ad that claims to be able to extract hydrogen from water at your intake manifold is just plain balogna.

The Hindenburg used hydrogen. Remember the Hindenberg?

Check out the “water for fuel” thread if you’d like more info on this topic. Tom and Ray took also question dealing with the topic on this weeks show (5-17-08).

Oh boy… this falls under perpetual motion machines which the patent office won’t allow a patent for. Tell you what I have a better idea! Put larger diameter tires on the back wheels of your car and smaller diameter wheels on the front. Since you will be going downhill all the time no fuel is required ever. ROTFL

The fact that these obvious scams continue to get serious consideration by many supports my belief that science and technology needs to be emphasized more in school, and in addition , critical thinking…IMHO…