Is this true?


i was sent an e-mail with the link to this site. is this truly a workable thing to do to our cars?


Boy have we been hit with some spam lately…



This site deals with typical automotive problems, and car selection topics. It does NOT deal with fraudulant products being foisted on an unsuspecting public. We get several a week and in all cases we say; if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

So, ANYTHING to do with WATER to make your car run is a signal to FORGET IT!!





I like their clever presentation…
This swindler is more resourceful than the other swindlers.
If you enjoy being scammed, choose this one! Reward creativity!


Like the others, I’m skeptical. No disinterested tester has shown these things to work. Please find a reference from a reputable party that clearly has no interest in the company and report back. Someone like the EPA or DoE would work. Not someone we’ve never heard of. If you have trouble figuring out if the party is reputable and disinterested, provide the refernce and we’ll tell you. The reference you provided does not fit the bill.


I beg to differ! This works just as advertised. Just not in this space-time continuum, though.