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Water infusion with gasoline

Have you seen this? Is there any possibility it might work? Thanks and good luck…

Yes, most of the veterans of this forum have seen this type of Male Bovine Excrement previously.

The concept of hydrogen generators for fueling cars is pseudo-science at its best.
This hokum does not work.

Nope. It’s a scam.

I took the time to look at it. Ha, ha.

It’s BOGUS, just like all the other similar websites that claim to increase mileage using water or hydrogen. It doesn’t work, and if you spend your money it’s your fault.

If it worked, all the major car manufacturers on the planet would already be using this “technology” to increase the mileage of their vehicles.

They’re not using it because it’s worthless.

100% BS! Looks like it’s time for my clues that you’re dealing with a scammer:

  1. The claims, if true, would change the auto industry as we know it.
  2. The claims as presented ignore basic scientific principles.
  3. When those issues are noted, the inventor claims that the real reason it works is secret.
  4. The inventor claims to have applied for, but not received, a patent (anyone can do that).
  5. The inventor claims to be in negotiations with a major automaker, investors, or both, with no documentation.
  6. When pressed, the inventor likens himself to the Wright brothers or Edison, saying ‘people doubted them, too.’
  7. When further pressed, the inventor (or his wife, defender, or supposed stranger, there’s no way to tell in cyberspace) states that the folks asking the reasonable questions are ignorant naysayers.

If you don’t believe us, check this out:

Vapor induction was used to improve the performance of aircraft engines in WWII. The Rube Goldberg contraptions that I have seen were at best crude vapor injectors that would, under some conditions, improve the engines performance when operated at high temperatures at near wide open throttle. A good vapor injection system will allow the spark timing to be advanced significantly.

But Rod Knox, that was water (or water/alcohol) injection, not “HHO” injection, to cool the air/fuel in the heavily supercharged engines. I don’t want any legitimacy given this HHO nonsense.

Well, it’s been a while since this scam has been mentioned so I guess it was due.

Water injection is only meant to be used sparingly too. Water, or anti-freeze, under combustion is extremely corrosive and will eat aluminum clean up.

Hee hee. About 30 years ago my BIL claims he ran into a guy at a truck stop experimenting with burning hydrogen from water using the car battery. Guess its taken that long to perfect it or maybe Engineer Greene hadn’t finished his studies yet.

I think stinkybum should go for it, document all his work & results with video and then report back to the boards.

That is, unless this post was actually a big can of SPAM.

I’m quite sure stickybum is one of those people who get suckered into one of those on-line internet jobs that pay about $1 an advertisement to post advertisements in sites like this. And if anyone is stupid enough to actually buy the product they even get a commission.