Rhythmic Squeaking Upon Deceleration?

I recently started hearing a rhythmic squeaking noise upon decelerating. It doesn’t sound as though it’s coming from under the hood (such as a belt noise): it sounds like it’s coming from the back right wheel area. The noise isn’t very loud: it’s almost impossible to hear with the radio on. It isn’t constant: it gets slower and slower as I continue to decelerate. If it matters, the car is a 1995 Chrysler Concorde.

I don’t think it’s the brakes. Any ideas?

Why don’t you think it’s the brakes? The brakes would be my first guess.

Because I don’t hear the squeak when I’m actually stepping on the brake. I tried not braking and just letting the car decelerate and I still hear it. Plus, I think I know what the “brake squeak” noise sounds like and this sounds different: very short “eek-eek-eek-eek” sounds. But of course I may be wrong.

Some brake pads have a little metal clip on them as a safety warning…Near the end of the pads life, these clips will touch the rotor at various times and make a screeching noise…Your foot need not be on the brake pedal for this to occur…