Screeching Coming From Left Side of Car

Hello CarTalk Community,

I have a 2015 Subaru Legacy that has been running great. Recently I have noticed some squeaking coming from the left side of my car. Some info about the squeaking:

  • Only happens when going under 25 mph
  • Goes away when brakes are applied
  • Goes away when making a turn, ie the sound only appears when I’m driving in a straight line

I decided to take it to the dealership because I was at 90k miles and it was about time I do my 30k maintenance on it anyway. The dealership said the rear pads and rotors were extremely worn so they replaced those, but also said the front brakes and rotors should be changed by my next oil change.

My question is, is this sound likely coming from one of the front brakes, and will replacing the rotors / pads fix this sound? Or is there something else going on that I’m unaware of.

Thanks for your help!

Many brake pads have squealers installed on them. They cause your brakes to squeal when pads are close to time to replace. It’s a warning device. I bet that’s what you’re hearing.

That was my initial thought, however the sound goes away when I am applying the brakes. So when I start to brake, the sound goes away. Is that typical?

I’ve had that happen more than once on my cars. I needed to replace the pads.

Okay thank you!