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2003 Accord: Rotational Noises

Two rotational noises I am trying to figure out…any help greatly appreciated.

1. On slowing to a stop with foot lightly on brake, there is a squeak-squeak (as opposed to a consistent screech) that sounds like it is coming from the front end (but possible that it’s the rear). This is not a loud sound; if the windows are up and the radio is on, it is possible that you miss it. I am not sure if the sound occurs at higher speed, and is drowned out by other noises. This noise happens every time I am slowing down with the brakes. I think if I am just rolling at low speed it does not happen.

2. Very intermittently (maybe 10 times/year), there will be an awful scraping noise (also rotational), coming from the front end. Seems to happen in colder weather more. This is one of those sounds that draws attention from anyone within range. It does not necessarily go away when I apply the brakes. I have tried turing sharply; sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t. One thing that eventually works is simply speeding up. It’s almost like there is a rock or something grinding against the disk (?).

I’ve asked my mechanic about #2…they couldn’t find anything. He said it might occasionally be a rock that gets behind the dust shield(?). I’ve not asked him about #1 yet, as that is a more recent development.

Thanks all.

How long since the brake pads were changed? Has anybody looked at them?

Vehicle has 85K miles. My records are at home, but I am thinking brakes were last done around 30-40K. Early on had issues with the rotors and they were replaced under warranty by Honda at that time.

And you haven’t had anybody look at the pads because?

They’ve were checked about 5K miles ago.