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Squeeky wheel

I have a 2001 Subaru legacy outback station wagon that is making a rotational squeeking/screeching noise from a passenger side wheel (haven’t determined which one). I hear the noise when I am going slow, below 20 mph, though I can’t tell if it is still making the noise at higher speeds. It stops completely when I apply my brakes. The brakes and tires were replaced within the last 3 months, this noise has been occurring for much longer than that. I’m starting to think from looking on the internet that it could be my bearings, or could it be something (fingers crossed) easier and cheaper to repair? Thanks in advance!

Usually, a screeching noise that stops when you apply the brakes is caused by the brake wear indicators, telling you the brake pads are nearing the end of their life.

You say, however, that the brakes have recently been replaced, and that the noise has been there for some time.

I had a wheel bearing go bad on my Subaru. It didn’t make any screeching noise, and was only apparent at highway speeds.

I’m wondering about a dust shield. I had some rubbing noises that stopped after I checked and adjusted the clearance of the dust shields on the front brakes.

How long, exactly, have you been hearing this noise?

I have been hearing it for quite some time. It comes and goes. I would say on and off for about a year. I think that it has something to do with my brakes, however my husband and father in law (who is very good with cars) have both taken the wheels off and checked the brakes and can’t find anything wrong. It had been making this noise for about 2 months straight, and right after I made this post it just stopped. I’m sure that it will be back soon though.

I found an interesting problem with my Ford Explorer that may be relevant. About a month after I put new pads on my truck, my wife drove up in it with the driver’s side wheel screeching like a banshee, so loud I heard it before I saw her turn onto our street! What I found, after a lot of probing and taking the brakes apart twice, was an anti-squeal spring mounted to the top of the pads just slightly rubbing the outer edge of the rotor, just enough to squeal loudly. I was able to remove them temporarily until I could go to the dealership and get a new set of anti-squeal clips.