Car squealing, no idea

My car has recently started squealing. It only has about 60,000 miles on it. Its a constant high squealing noise that sounds like its from the back. It only happens at speeds below 40 mph and isnt triggered by braking sometimes its on when i break and sometimes not. If im going fast and break hard the noise will start when i get moving again. Like i said its only at lower speeds i thought it might be brake pads or my rotors but the breaks have little effect on the squealing and i dont have to break to get it going. If i go from highway speeds to 30 gradually with no breaks it starts. Id like to start troubleshootong so i can possibly repair it. But im stuck, any help would be appreciated.

Only three things that I can think of in the rear that can cause a squealing noise. Wheel bearing, fuel pump and brakes.

If you are going to fiv it yourself, it is important to know what is making the noise. If you are going to have it fixed, let the mechanic make the diagnosis.

Just curious, why can you spell brake and braking, but not brakes?

I never thought about the bearing. And grammerly likes to correct things that do not need correcting. Thanks for the advice

If you have disc brakes rear, I’m guessing the pads are near their wear limit, and you are hearing the pad wear warning device.