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Request for Web Site improvement: Make thread page numbers easier to read

You know those page numbers at the bottom of the page when you are reading a thread w/a lot of posts? The current, active page number (the one you are looking at) is supposed to be a different color, so you can see where you are in the thread’s pages. But it is almost impossible to tell the difference in the colors. They all look black to me. The active page is maybe a little more black, but like I say, almost impossible to differentiate from the others.

I was wondering: Could the Car Talk Web Page designer change the page number colors to make them easier to tell apart please? Thanks.

I have noticed the same thing. The difference in color between the blue numbers and the black number is…too subtle to notice in many cases.

I also agree. It looks like you are using Black and Navy Blue. Navy Blue is about as close to Black as you can get. Try red for one of the colors.

Or should I hit the agree button on everyone’s posts ?