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Please put a next button on the top of the page!

I have been through 5 pages of the road trip saga and would appreciate a next page button at the top also.

I vote yes also.
Stop repeat posts, you only have 10-12 a page and often they is 2 double posts so really you only see 8 posts on that page.
But love the site.

I liked the old setup, where the ehtire thread was opened up without having to keep clicking “next”.

Webpeople, is this possible?

“Webpeople, is this possible?”

Of course it’s possible. Probability is something else. I liked that part of the old board too, and I wish it would return.

Whatcha say, lackeys?

Wouldn’t it take forever to load though?

Vote all you want. Nobody is listening.

The lackeys at Car Talk Plaza seem to be slave to low bid software. Either that or they just don’t care what you and I think. Just look at the newest “features” where they prompt the user to select a make and model, but not the year.

Cyberbabe says they care what we think, but if they did, this site would look very different.

The Lackey’s have another email address. We [b]could[/b] make our point there.

Try the last item: Department of Excess Bandwidth. Sic 'em, Big Dogs!

So, did anyone but me give the Lackey’s a friendly suggestion?

I know we lost several regular posters once this new setup appeared. I wonder what ever became of that loveable, modern car hatin’ guy known as Craig58. The one that had a 80-something Mercedes