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Replacing Window Channel on Honda Odyssey

Dear Tom & Ray,

My wife’s Honda Odyssey LX 2000 has a problem with driver side door window channel. That is the rubber gasget around upper frame of door that glass fits into. It is ‘kinked’ and the window doesn’t close well and we get much wind noise. I would like to replace the window channel but cannot find any directions in Haynes Repair manual or on-line on how to do the job. Can you help? Do I just yank on the rubber and pull it out? I’m sure it’s more complicated than this. I await your response with bated breath…


You will never find a “how to” for these types of repairs in any manual.You won’t get instructions like,start at this end,tap lighty here, I learned this kind of stuff from other mechanics and pretty much just sticking to it. Many times the process involved starting and stopping and trying over.

Many of these “channels” do have a tab on them with a retaining screw,so I don’t recommend just pulling it out,do you have the new part? a examination of the new part can give clues on how to remove the old.

Not to discourage you, this could be a “pull out and stuff the new in” ,common with GM,the cars I have the most experience with.

You may have to pull the door panel to make sure the window run channel fits fully in its groove on the lower ends.