Replace window motor in 96 camry

I have an 96 camry and the right front window motor needs replaced. I have the motor and regurlar for it. I was wondering how I can do that. Does the window need to be taken out?

Go blow $20 on a repair manual from an auto parts store. It will give you the set of steps required to do it.

You could also try Autozone’s online repair info - just register and plug in your car info. They have bare bones repair info for many cars.

If you just want a window that works, the process is probably pretty simple. Remove any armrests, etc on the door and look carefully for any hold down screws that might be hidden behind caps on the door panel. Then you go down to the parts store and buy a “screwdriver” with a forked tip that is designed for removing door panels. You work your way around the sides and bottom of the door using the screwdriver (well actually, it’s a lever) to pop the fasteners loose.

This being a 15 year old vehicle some of the plastic fasteners will probably have turned brittle and will snap rather than releasing. Anyway, the panel will hopefully come loose. there may or may not be some electrical wires that you will have to release to get the panel off. Almost certainly would be if you were on the driver’s side. Maybe not on the passenger side. There will be connectors in the wire somewhere. You will not need to cut the wires. Set the panel someplace safe.

You should now be able to see the window mechanism and replace the motor. Depending on how things are set up mechanically, you may need to adjust things so the motor moves the windows all the way up and all the way down.

At this point, all that remains is to go back to the parts store and get replacements for any fasteners that broke. Typically, these are plastic widgies with flat heads, a shaft, and concentric ridges on the shaft that hold the panel in place when it is pressed home.

Now reconnect any wires. Position the panel and try to get all the fasteners to seat home into the holes in the door that are supposed to match them. This can be frustrating if the fasteners have moved a bit as you will not be able to see why the panel won’t seat. Eventually, you should be able to get the door panel back on. There is a risk that the fit may be a bit imperfect unless you put a lot of effort into lining things up and seating things.

Then remount the armrests mounting screws etc. That’s it.

The easiest way is to tape the window in the full up position. Tape it to the window frame with duct tape so it won’t fall down when you disconnect the glass from the regulator and motor.

I’ve found this to be much easier than taking the glass out and having to put it back in.

When I replaced mine I didn’t have to remove the window. The door panel was a little tricky to remove, so I’d recommend you get the manual.